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01. Responsibilities
  • carrying out repairs, preventive inspections, maintenance and repair works of CNC machine tools;
  • electronic fault diagnosis and repair;
  • identification of spare parts;
  • carrying out preventive activities in the scope of machine maintenance as recommended;
  • producers and their preventive plans;
  • machine repairs, including electrical components;
02. Requirements
  • technical education (preferably electrical, electromechanical);
  • the ability to repair electronic circuits;
  • the ability to diagnose and repair numerical CNC controls;
  • the ability to repair servo inverters and inverters installed in the machine tool;
  • the ability to diagnose and repair drive systems of CNC milling machines and lathes;
  • knowledge of machine control systems and their operation. Controls such as: Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain;
  • general knowledge of the principles of operation and construction of machines for metal machining by machining;

01. Responsibilities
  • picking and shipping;
  • preparing shipping documents;
  • inventory control, receipt of raw materials, issue of materials;
  • support for information systems supporting the magazine;
  • warehouse inventory monitoring;
  • storage and circulation of goods according to the required documentation;
  • compliance control of production documents with warehouse documents;
  • keeping in touch with external service providers;
02. Requirements
  • experience in the profession – welcome;
  • willingness to work in a 3-shift system;
  • permission to drive a forklift UDT;
  • good organization skills;
  • responsibility and reliability;
  • honesty and conscientiousness;

We are looking for employees with experience in operating CNC machines, as well as people with no or little experience, but wanting to acquire skills in this field.

01. Responsibilities
  • CNC machines and devices support: Fanuc, DMG, TSUGAMI, Andrychów
  • control of production components in the workstation
  • set up and retooling the machine;
02. Requirements
  • availability
  • reliability
  • flexibility
  • education min. Professional
  • readiness to work in a three-shift system

01. Responsibilities
  • carrying out repairs, preventive inspections, maintenance and repair works of CNC machine tools;
  • diagnostics of mechanical / electronic faults and their repair;
  • identification of spare parts and cooperation with employees in building an efficient ordering system for spare parts;
  • carrying out preventive actions, in the scope of machine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations and their preventive plans (including active participation in building
  • system of actions and plans to prevent failures)
  • machine repairs, including mechanical components and assistance in repairs of control systems of CNC machine tools;
02. Requirements
  • technical education (preferred mechanical and electromechanical);
  • knowledge of automation and control of CNC machines;
  • familiarity with CNC machine tools (DMG, FANUC);
  • experience in mechanical assembly – basics of mechanics and electrics;
  • ability to read electrical diagrams and technical documentation;
  • good work organization;
  • ability to work independently and consistency in action also based on teamwork;

01. Responsibilities
  • performing feasibility studies of the product;
  • design of technological processes (milling);
  • selection of appropriate production instrumentation, making instrument drawings;
  • selection of tools and setting of machining parameters;
  • machine programming (milling machines: Fanuc, Siemens, Heidehain);
  • optimization of programs and production processes;
  • development of technological documentation regarding machining processes;
  • close cooperation with the production department;
02. Requirements
  • several years of professional experience in a similar position;
  • practical knowledge of programming CNC machines: Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain;
  • knowledge of the organization of production and technological processes;
  • very good knowledge of machining processes;
  • very good knowledge of technical drawing;
  • knowledge of modern cutting tools, experience in the selection of tools and machining parameters;
  • knowledge and ability to work in CAD software;
  • analytical skills and the ability to quickly solve problems;
  • commitment, initiative, independence and communication;
  • computer support (MS Office);





ul. Sienkiewicza 13
43-100 Tychy
32 219 02 90
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ul. Krokusów 14
43-100 Tychy
32 329 84 56

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